Shimmy Diagnoser

We are proud to present our creation, a app capable of detecting shimmy and vibrations! - All using just your iPhone!

Shimmy Diagnoser is a powerful app that replaces a conventional NVH meter. It can detect even the slightest of vibration and not only present the frequencies, but also tell what part of your vehicle that has a problem. This without a price tag of commercial NVH equipment. You could be saving a lot of money on unnecessary repairs!

Just enter your car’s information, drive in a speed that is causing the vibration, read the diagnosis.

Easy to use app for determining why your car shakes, shimmy or vibrates!

FEATURES: Vibration Diagnostics will show - Engine associated vibrations - Tire associated vibrations - Propshaft associated vibrations

- You don't even have to know your gear ratios. Just read what's written on your front tires, slide in your current engine RPM and you're good to go!
-AWD support as of version 1.0.17


DISCLAIMER: Have a co-driver use this app. Follow the laws regarding cellphone usage when driving in your country!

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